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School of Professional Studies Minors

The following minors can be pursued based on a student's undergraduate degree plan.

Business Administration (21 hours)
A minor in business administration offers students a well-rounded business education with courses in the major functional areas needed to be proficient in business. In addition, this minor will prepare students to enroll in a Master of Business Administration program of study.

ACC 2301 Accounting Concepts
BIS 2321 Management of Information Systems
BLW 3317 Legal Aspects of Business
ECN 2300 Survey of Economics
BFN 3321 Business Finance
MKT 3331 Introductory Marketing Concepts and Strategies
MSC 3301 Statistical Decision-Making

Criminal Justice (15 hours)
The Criminal Justice minor is designed to develop, enhance and advance professionals in the field. It is a synthesis of traditional and contemporary crime studies with emphasis on new and evolving crime trends.

CRIJ 1301 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRIJ 1325 Criminology
3000-4000 CRIJ Elective
3000-4000 CRIJ Elective
3000-4000 CRIJ Elective

Healthcare Management (15 hours)
Health care management is a profession that provides leadership and direction to organizations that deliver personal health services, and to the divisions, departments, units or services within those organizations.

HSCI 3310 Health Care Organizations and Administration
HSCI 3330 Legal Issues in Health Care
HSCI 3335 Introduction to Health Care in the United States
HSCI 3345 Health Care Financing
HSCI 4310 Health Care Policy

Human Resource Management (18 hours)
The purpose of the minor in Human Resources is to prepare students for the realities of managing and developing people in the workplace. Students will improve their ability to solve problems, improve processes and enhance the effectiveness and reliability of employees in any type of organization. In addition to developing skills in key HR areas, students will develop important skills in critical thinking, problem solving, technology and communications.

ORGD 3340 Organizational Development
ORGD 4350 Leadership in Organizations

12 hours from the following:

HRES 3330 Human Resources and the Law
HRES 3350 Staffing
HRES 3360 Training and Development
HRES 3370 Compensation and Benefits
HRES 3380 Performance Management

Industrial and Organizational Psychology (18 hours)
The purpose of the Industrial Organizational Psychology Concentration is to prepare students to use psychological concepts to solve problems in organizations and improve the working conditions for employees. Specialists in industrial organizational psychology use the study of human behavior to improve workplace productivity and working habits for both managers and employees.

PSYC 1301 Introduction to Psychology (If completed, replace with a PSYC 3000-4000 elective)
PSYC 3310 Principles of Industrial Organizational Psychology
PSYC 3315 Group Processes
PSYC 3337 Practical Applications in Industrial Organizational Psychology
PSYC 4312 Personnel Psychology
PSYC 4317 Psychology of Motivation and Performance

Leadership Studies (15 hours)
Leadership studies is the management approach that works towards what is best for individuals and what is best for a group as a whole. It empowers an individual to lead from the top, middle, or bottom of an organization.

LDST 3333 Ethical Leadership
LDST 3340 Global Leadership
LDST 3360 Leadership and Team Building
LDST 3390 Leadership and Communications
LDST 4310 Leadership and Conflict Resolution

Nonprofit Management (15 hours)
A minor in nonprofit management prepares students for the management of organizations that take any money received or earned and puts it back into the organization to drive its mission and promote its activities or services.

MGT 3345 Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations
NPT 3310 Grant Writing and Fund Raising
NTP 3320 Nonprofit Financial Management
NPT 3330 Volunteerism and Nonprofit Agencies
NPT 4310 Community Development

Organizational Communication (12 hours)
The purpose of the minor in Organizational Communication is to prepare students for the important role of communications in a variety of different types of organizations. The main role of organizational communications is to make sure that all members of an organization are informed of important information, persuaded of its important and to enhance collegiality of the sharing of information for the good of the business, community or institution.

ORGC 2310 Interpersonal Communication
ORGC 3310 Organizational Communication
ORGC 3320 Persuasive Communication
ORGC 4310 Communication and Decision-Making

Organizational Development (18 hours)
The purpose of the Organizational Development minor is to prepare students for challenges related to improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency by increasing the capacity for individuals, groups and organizations to adapt to change.

ORGD 3340 Organizational Development
ORGD 4350 Leadership in Organizations

12 hours from the following:

ORGD 3360 Teambuilding in Organizations
ORGD 3370 Total Quality Management
ORGD 3390 Communication in Organizations
ORGD 3395 Organizational Change
ORGD 4330 Organizational Learning

Operations Management (18 hours)
A minor in operations management prepares students to apply business practices to make an organization run as efficiently as possible.

MGT 3340 Concepts and Functions of Management
MGT 3354 Theory and Concepts of Personnel Management
MSC 3370 Statistical Analysis of Business
MGT 4346 Quality Assurance
MGT 4348 Supply Chain Management
MGT 4373 Operations and Organizational Efficiency

Project Management (18 hours)
A minor in project management prepares students for the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and success.

MGT 3340 Concepts and Functions of Management
MGT 3347 Project Management Method
MGT 3357 Project Planning
MGT 4340 Applied Management Practice
MGT 4355 Organizational Behavior
MGT 4357 Project Leadership

Psychology (18 hours)
The Psychology minor delivers its curriculum through an interactive and collaborative learning environment that provides its participants with a strong theoretical and scientific foundation in the field of psychology.

PSYC 1301 Introduction to Psychology (If completed, replace with a PSYC 3000-4000 elective)
3000-4000 PSYC Elective
3000-4000 PSYC Elective
3000-4000 PSYC Elective
3000-4000 PSYC Elective
3000-4000 PSYC Elective

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