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Corpus Christi Tuition

2016-2017 Tuition and Fees

Rates below are for 2016 Summer I term through 2017 Spring II term.

The Dicianna Scholarship* offers students at the Corpus Christi location $85 off of the below undergraduate or graduate hour rates.


$415 per hour* Number of Credits Tuition Corpus Christi Tuition
One course per term 3 credit course $1,245 $990
Two courses per term 6 credit course $2,490 $1,980




$885 per hour* Number of Credits Tuition Corpus Christi Tuition
One course per term 3 credit course $2,655 $2,400

Military Discounts
(Applies to Active Duty within the United States military services for undergraduate or graduate tuition.)

 $250 per hour* Number of Credits Tuition
One course per term 3 credit $750
Two courses per term 6 credit $1,500

Veterans Discounts
(Applies to United States Military Veterans, Active Duty Military Dependents,and DoD employees for undergraduate or graduate tuition.)

 $275 per hour* Number of Credits Tuition
One course per term 3 credits $825
Two courses per term 6 credits $1,650

 There are no fees added to the above tuition rates except for the following exceptions:

  • Records fee of $40 (one-time charge)
  • Graduation Fee of $50
  • Some programs may also have fees for specific courses
  • Administrative fee of $50 per course withdrawal; non-refundable
  • Deferred Payment Plan Fee $50

*Any tuition discounts, including those from employers or military discounts, are applied to the regular EAP in-class rate.

Tuition Discounts

Tuition discounts are available for part-time/full-time undergraduate or graduate students who qualify for such discounts such as the

  • United States military services' active duty military and their dependents
  • Civilian Department of Defense employees (no dependents), retired United States military service members (no dependents)
  • UIW/SAHS/IWHS employees and their dependents
  • University Senior Preparatory Program

The United States military and civilian Department of Defense discounts apply to any student enrolled in all programs at the University of the Incarnate Word. Those students eligible are U.S. active duty military with or without a Tuition Assistance Form and their dependents, U.S. civilian Department of Defense employees (no dependents), and U.S. retired military (no dependents). The discount will be applied to tuition only and any other fees associated with enrollment will be the responsibility of the student. Discounts are not applicable to students for whom 100% tuition is paid by any third party payor. Discounts may be reversed if payment is received after discount(s) are applied. The Business Office and Office of Financial Assistance determine eligibility. Refer to the University Payment Policy located under the Tuition and Financial Regulations. Discounts may vary between University programs (Main Campus, SPS, or UIW Online).

It is the responsibility of the student to present their valid identification or current military identification along with any Tuition Assistance Forms to the Business Office within the specified dated as published by the University course schedule. Those courses pertaining to SPS, UIW Online and mini semesters have ten days from the first day of classes to submit a valid identification, application and/or TA form(s) to qualify for the discount.

Tuition discounts are available for any individual who is employed at the University of the Incarnate Word, Incarnate Word High School or St. Anthony Catholic High School on a regular, full-time employment agreement (for at least 75% of the time) as faculty, administrator, or staff. Employees may receive tuition remission for themselves for undergraduate and/or graduate classes taken at UIW per the guidelines listed in the UIW/IWHS/SACHS Administrator/Staff Guidelines & Faculty Handbook. Employee tuition waiver forms are available through the Human Resources Office. According to the Administrative/Staff Guidelines, the deadline for submission of Employee Tuition Waiver forms is 14 calendar days after the last day to add a course for the term. For further information, please contact the Human Resources Office at 829-6019. The discount will be applied to tuition only and any other fees associated with enrollment will be the responsibility of the student. Refer to the University Payment Policy located under the Tuition and Financial Regulations.

It is the responsibility of the student to apply for tuition discounts each semester. The student and his/her family must apply using the appropriate application form(s) and provide all necessary information to complete each application (i.e., valid identification(s), tuition assistance form(s)) to receive consideration for these discounts. Applications for these tuition discounts should be submitted to the respective departments or the Business Office according to the deadlines posted in each respective Semester Schedule of Classes. No discounts will be applied after the deadline indicated in the Semester Schedule of Classes. All discounts will be evaluated and assessed to the student account after the last day to add and drop a course for the respective term or within stated deadline outlined in the published Schedule of Classes. In order to continue receiving the discount, the student is responsible for submitting a new application and required information to complete the application each session (fall, spring, summer). Prospective students may call the Business Office at (210) 829-6043 if they need appropriate forms or more information.

*Any student pursing a doctorate (PhD) is not eligible for these discounts, regardless if enrolled in a graduate level course.

Your student financial aid award may be adjusted without notice due to receiving such discount(s).  All discounts are subject to change without notice.

Auditing Courses
*Auditing courses are available to non-student, part-time or full-time students. Auditors that are *non-students or are enrolled in a part-time status pay 50% of regular tuition for lecture courses and any associated course fees; however, full tuition is charged for limited enrollment, private instruction and studio courses.

*Audit courses follow the Last day for 100% Refund for any Undergraduate and Graduate courses. Deadlines may be found in the Main Campus Schedule of Classes (See Academic Calendar) or from the respective program administrator (i.e., SPS or UIW Online).

Full-time students may audit one lecture course (3-4 hours) per session (fall, spring, summer) at no cost. Any course fees associated with this enrollment will be the responsibility of the student.

Students are allowed to combine their total number of hours within a respective session to determine their full-time status. Undergraduates on the Main Campus are consider full-time with 12 + enrolled hours, a Graduate and Doctoral student on the Main Campus is considered a full-time status at 9 + hours. Full-time doctoral status changes when doctoral student is in dissertation writing phase and/or enrolled 3 + hours. If a full-time student falls under banded tuition and, with the audit class, does not exceed a total of 18 hours, no discount will be granted.

*Students enrolled in our program will be allowed to audit courses within that program. Audit discounts are not applicable to online courses.

The deadline for changing enrollment in a course from graded to audit status is printed in the Academic Calendar located in the University Course Schedule.

Payment Options

(For more information refer to our UIW Undergraduate Bulletin or UIW Graduate Bulletin):
Other than Financial Assistance and Work-Study programs, the University accepts cash, checks, and credit cards for payment of tuition and fees.

Cash, *check and credit card payments for the payment of tuition and fees are accepted at the Business Office, Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Payments sent via mail should be forwarded to: UIW Business Office, 4301 Broadway CPO# 291, San Antonio, Texas 78209. All checks must include the student’s name, student account number, and specific term to insure proper credit to account.

*Drop Box located next to Rm. 190 in the Administration Building
The following credit cards are accepted: Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Secured Web payments for tuition and fees are accepted with your UIW PIN personal identification number. For those students with no PIN number, contact the Registrar’s Office at 829-6006. Log on to:

The University offers students a Tuition Payment Plan. The student can divide their charges into installments. It is the responsibility of the student to enroll in a payment plan each semester. Failure to remit these payments may result in withholding of credits, transcripts, diplomas, and a late payment fee each month for not submitting tuition payments as agreed. However, this will not exempt students from liability for those charges. Enrollment into this plan includes an application fee.  To enroll in the deferred payment plan or if you need additional information, please come by the Business Office or call (210) 829-6043.

Payment Policy (For more information refer to our UIW Undergraduate Bulletin or UIW Graduate Bulletin):

  1. Registration for an academic term is not complete until full payment for the current and /or prior terms has been made, or until a student has entered into a payment plan with the University (see above for enrollment information). Payment arrangements must be finalized by the fifth calendar day from the first class day to the semester. Students may have their registration cancelled at that time if payment arrangements have not been completed.
  2. All international students are required to pay the full semester’s tuition and fees upon registering each semester. International students will not be allowed to enroll in a payment plan.
  4. Students who have not met their total financial obligations to the University may not be permitted to enroll for a subsequent academic term and current registration is subject to cancellation.
  5. Withdrawal without proper notice entails failure in all courses for the semester and the student is held liable for the full payment of tuition, fees and other charges.
  6. Students must pay their financial obligation in full to the University to have diplomas and transcripts released. In addition, if payment is not made in full, students may be prohibited from participating in the graduation ceremony.
  7. The student agrees to assume liability for any debt incurred during his/her attendance at the University. In the event of a delinquency or default, the student will pay all reasonable costs of collection including but not limited to attorney fees and necessary court costs.

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