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Business Office Quick Sheet

EAP Business Office

The University of the Incarnate Word is an independent institution and receives no direct support from state or federal taxes. Substantially, all of the instructional and operating costs of the University are paid by student tuition. We strive to meet the needs of every student with prompt and friendly service. It is our duty to implement the rules and regulations set forth by the Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins, as well as other University academic program guidelines.

Mailing Address:

EAP Business Office
4301 Broadway, CPO #324
San Antonio, Texas 78209

Payment Information

Tuition Due:  Tuition is due on/by the first day of class or enrollment of payment plan must be completed.

Semester Invoices are published monthly at the ePayment Center.  An e-mail notification will be sent to your UIW e-mail account when a new invoice is published.

Secured Web payments for tuition and fees are accepted online. Please log in to MyWord portal and click on ePaymentCenter located within the QuickLaunch Navigation. Further instructions can be accessed at the UIW Business Office page.

The University provides the following payment methods that will not incur a convenience fee:

  • E-Checks – An ACH ransfer from your bank account can be process online via the e-Payment center.
  • Paper Checks – Paper checks may be mailed to the Business Office, 4301 Broadway St., CPO 291, San Antonio, TX 78209.
  • We accept cash, checks, money orders and cashier checks in person at the Business Office. Office hours are Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Credit card payments are accepted online in your Banner Web or MyWord at the UIW E-Payment Center

Financial Aid: Students must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and a UIW Student Information form every year. To be eligible for federal loans, you must be enrolled at least half-time. Students enrolled in terms of eight weeks or less will not receive disbursements for federal loans until they attend half-time hours for the overall semester. A student is limited to a maximum of two courses per 8-week term. Visit the Financial Aid website for more info

Payment Plans: The student can divide their charges into installments. It is the responsibility of the student to enroll in a payment plan each semester. Failure to remit these payments may result in the withholding of credits, transcripts, diplomas, registration. In addition, a late payment fee may be assessed each month for not submitting tuition payments, as agreed. However, this will not exempt students from liability for those charges. Enrollment into this plan includes an application fee of $50.

Students are strongly encouraged to register in advance for both semester terms at the beginning of a semester.  For example, registering for both Fall I & II by the start of the Fall I semester.  This allows tuition charges for both terms to be included in the payment plan sooner with the availability of more installments.

Enrolling in a Payment Plan: Visit the E-payment Center by logging into the MyWord Portal.  You will see a link to enroll in a ADCAP/Online Payment Plan.

Deferred Tuition is available to those students who use the following methods of payment:

  • VA benefits: Requires the student complete all requirements with the UIW Veterans Affairs Office each term.
  • Military Tuition Assistance: Requires the student initiates and completes TA set up with the military and/or sends TA vouchers to the EAP Business Office by the first day of class.
  • Employer Paid Tuition: Requires the students provide a letter/documentation from their respective HR department each semester as verification.

Registration: Student Tuition Account must be current in order to register for future semesters.
Registration at the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) constitutes a financial responsibility to UIW.  It is ultimately the students responsibility to ensure their tuition is paid.

Tuition Discounts

Military Discount Rates
Please note: All discounts are subject to change without notice.

Military Discounts Rate Verification Renewal Needed
Active-Duty $250/hour TA or Military Discount Form Every Semester
Dependent of Active-Duty Undergraduate $325/hour Military Discount Form Every Semester
Dependent of Active-Duty Graduate $375/hour Military Discount Form Every Semester
DoD Employee Undergraduate $325/hour Military Discount Form Every Semester
DoD Employee Graduate $375/hour Military Discount Form Every Semester
Veteran Undergraduate $325/hour Military Discount Form Rolled over
Veteran Graduate $375/hour Military Discount Form Rolled over

How to receive a Military Discount Rate

  • Active Duty: Students can login to the Official Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) Website and request an Active Duty Status Certificate. The certificate must be emailed to Please make sure to include your ID number and contact us with any questions. Website:
  • Dependent of Active Duty: The dependent must login to the Official Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) Website and request an Active Duty Status Certificate for their Parent/Spouse. Please make sure to include your ID number and contact us with any questions. The certificate must be emailed to Website:
  • Department of Defense Employee: The employee must submit an employment verification form from their respective HR department each semester.
  • Veteran: A copy of their DD214 must be submitted to the UIW Veterans Affairs office.
  • Students must apply for the military discount rate each semester (Summer, Fall & Spring) with the exception of veterans who must only submit verification once.
  • Military Discount Rates are applied after the 100% drop date. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for this date.

It is the responsibility of the student to present their valid identification or current military identification along with any Tuition Assistance Forms to the Business Office within the specified dated as published by the University course schedule. Those courses pertaining to ADCaP, UIW Online and mini semesters have ten days from the first day of classes to submit a valid identification, application and/or TA form(s) to qualify for the discount.


What is a Business Office Hold?
An account with any balance, no matter how small, will have a Business Office Hold.  Any account with a balance automatically has a hold placed on it.  If you are in compliance with the University’s current payment guidelines your registration will be pushed through with your hold.

Can I still receive official transcripts if I have a balance?
No. Every student wanting to pick up official transcripts must have a zero balance before they can obtain a copy.   You may print out an unofficial transcript at any time. 

What is the Records fee?
The Records Fee is a $40 one-time fee charged to all students to cover the cost of instructional records (i.e. transcripts, verification of enrollment, etc…) requested.

Why do I get charged a Graduation Fee?
The Graduation Fee is charged the semester that the student will be graduating. It is a fee assessed by the Registrar’s Office in order to process the graduation application submitted by the student.

What is a Late Application for Graduation Fee?
The Registrar’s Office has scheduled deadlines for turning in the proper paperwork associated with graduation. Failure to meet these deadlines may result in a late charge.  This is in addition to the $50.00 Graduation Fee.

What is a Drop Fee?
An administrative fee of $50.00 is assessed for each course a student drops or changes in a term.  If a course is dropped after the 100% drop date you will be responsible for the entire cost of the course plus the drop fee.  It is the student’s responsibility to review their course calendar and be aware of impending deadlines.

What if my loans don’t come in on time?
It is your responsibility to file your applications with the Office of Financial Assistance within a reasonable time frame (prior to enrolling for a respective semester). The Office of Financial Assistance should be able to estimate the time it will take in order for your loan(s) to be received and assessed to your student account. Contact the Office of Financial Assistance at (210) 829-6008 with any questions you may have regarding your awards. It is the student’s responsibility to review their monthly billing statement in order to assure that proper credit has been issued.

When can I expect to receive my refund check?
After the 100% drop date and within 14 days after all of your financial assistance comes in and covers your entire balance. Students are not allowed to pick up refund checks. Checks are either mailed to the permanent address listed on your student account or directly deposited into a specified bank account.   For more information on eRefunds, please visit

Helpful Links

Undergraduate/ Extended Deadlines visit:

VA Benefits: Use VA benefits to cover tuition costs. If this is an option for you, please indicate this on your registration form and visit the Veterans’ website for the what is needed to get started using your VA educational benefits.

eRefunds Available visit:

Common Professional Components (CPC) payments:

Holiday Closures

Memorial Day
Independence Day Observed
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Friday after Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve through New Year's Eve Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Battle of Flowers, 1/2 day
Memorial Day

For more information regarding Business Office services, visit the UIW Business Office website.

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