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Dean’s Announcement: New School Coming Soon

Announcement from Dean Vincent C. Porter

I want to announce some exciting changes that have occurred this fall in the Extended Academic Programs.

The School of Extended Studies (ADCaP to most of you) has changed names to the School of Professional Studies. This new name better describes the degrees now offered in the school and serves as a better basis for our future plans. In the next few weeks, you will see updates to the websites, literature, and University publications that reflect the new name. One major change will be the professional look and persona our ads will exude.

Why did we change? The school has evolved over its 20 years and is no longer just an adult degree completion program. In 2004, we started offering Masters level degrees which changed the direction and the overall student base of the school. Then we became an independent academic school in 2009 when we began hiring full-time faculty and developing of our own curriculum. Finally, we will be introducing a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in the spring 2017 term. This addition brings a whole different level of students, faculty and advising to the school.

One thing you will notice, and it will be hard to change for many, is that we will no longer be called "ADCaP" or “Adult Degree Completion Program” in any of our media releases. “Degree completion” is understood to be a term for undergraduate or Bachelor degree students. With the addition of graduate and doctoral degrees, we simply do not fit that description.

As dean for 13 years, the faculty, staff and I have worked diligently to bring a quality education to the students attending our degree programs. You have my assurances that we will continue in those efforts. You can also be proud of the new name of your school and the new affiliations we will be making because of it. The adult higher education environment changes very rapidly and we will always strive to be on the forefront of the change.

Best regards,

Vincent C.  Porter
Dean, School of Professional Studies

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